3V1 Series Solenoid Valves

Product Performance:

●Working Medium: 40 Micron Filtered Air

●Motion Pattern:  Direct Drive Type

●Ambient Temperature: -10~+60℃

Ordering code and Graphic Symbol for 3V1 Series Solenoid Valves;

Specification for 3V1 Series Solenoid Valves;

Model 3V1-M5 3V1-06
Working Medium 40 Micron Filtered Air
Motion Pattern Direct Drive Type
Joint pipe bore M5 1/8″
Ambient Temperature minus10 – 60°C
Gas Temperature 5-60°C
Air Outlet Diameter 1.0mm
Lubricate Not Necessary
Working Pressure 0-0.8Mpa
Max.Pressure Resistance 1.2Mpa
Power Consumption AC:4.5VA, DC: 3W
Protection Class IP65
Power connection form Gorl
Material of body Aluminum alloy
Voltage Range ±10%
Highest Action Frequency 10 cycle / Second
Insulation F class
Shortest Excitation time 0.05 Second