4M Series Plate Type Valves

Product Performance:

●Working Medium: 40 Micron Filtered Air

●Motion Pattern:  Inner Guide Type

●Working-Pressure: 0.15~0.8MPa

Ordering code and Graphic Symbol for 4M Series Plate Type Valves;

Specification for 4M Series Plate Type Valves;

Model 4M210-06 4M220-06 4M210-08 4M220-08 4M310-08 4M320-08 4M310-10 4M320-10
Working Medium 40 Micron Filtered Air
Motion Pattern Inner Guide Type
Position and Way no. Two-position three-way
Effective Sectional Area 14mm² (CV=0.78) 16mm² (CV=0.89) 25mm² (CV=1.39) 30mm² (CV=1.67)
Joint pipe bore Air Inlet = Exhaust =G1/8″ Air Inlet = G1/4″ / Exhaust =G1/8″ Air Inlet = Exhaust =G1/4″ Air Inlet = G3/8″ / Exhaust =G1/4″
Lubricate Not Necessary
Working Pressure 0.15-0.8Mpa
Max.Pressure Resistance 1.2Mpa
Operating Temperature 5-60°C
Voltage Range minus15% – ±10%
Power Consumption AC380V: 2.5VA, AC220V:2.0VA ,  AC110V:2.5VA, AC24V:3.5VA, DC24V: 3W, DC12V:2.5W
Insulation & Protection Class F Class IP65
Wiring Form Lead Wire Connector Type
Highest Action Frequency 5 cycle / Second
Shortest Excitation time 0.05 Second