KLA Series Check Valves

Product Performance:

●Working Medium:  Air

●Working-pressure : 0.5~0.95 Kgf/cm2

●Ensured Pressure Resistance: 15.0 Kgf/cm2

Ordering code and Graphic Symbol for KLA Series Check Valves;

Specification for KLA Series Check Valves;

Model KLA-06 KLA-08 KLA-10 KLA-15
Working Medium  Air
Port Size G1/8″ G1/4″ G3/8″ G1/2″
Operating Temperature minus 5 – 60°C
Working Pressure 0.5 – 0.95Kgf/cm2
Ensured pressure resistance 15kgf/cm2
Body of material Aluminum alloy
Standard rated flow (L/min) Check valve 200 450 1250 1650
One-way valve 400 800 1500 2000