OFR Filter and Regulator

Filter and pressure regulator combine a single unit and cleans the compressed air of fluid oil,condensation, and dirt particles.For special application,the standard 40μm filter element may easily be replaced by a 5μm filter element.


Filter regulators MINI MIDI MAXI
Manual Drain Working pressure:12bar.40μm OFR-1/8-MINI OFR-1/4-MINI OFR-3/8-MINI OFR-3/8-MIDI OFR-1/2-MIDI OFR-3/4-MIDI OFR-3/4-MAXI OFR-1-MAXI
Working pressure:7bar.40μm OFR-1/8-7-MINI OFR-1/4-D-7-MINI OFR-3/8-7-MINI OFR-3/8-7-MIDI OFR-1/2-7-MIDI OFR-3/4-7-MIDI OFR-3/4-7-MAXI OFR-1-7-MAXI
Working pressure:12bar.5μm OFR-1/8-5M-MINI OFR-1/4-5M-MINI OFR-3/8-5M-MINI OFR-3/8-5M-MIDI OFR-1/2-5M-MIDI OFR-3/4-5M-MIDI OFR-3/4-5M-MAXI OFR-1-5M-MAXI
Manometer 0-12bar OMA-40-16-1/ 8 OMA-50-16-1/ 4
0-7bar OMA-40-10-1/ 8 OMA-50-10-1/ 4
Medium Compressed Air
Features of structure Sintered filter with water sparator; MINI/MIDI: Diaphragm type regulator ; MAXI:Piston regulator
Mounting type Pipe mounting or foot mounting
Assembly position Vertical±5°
Connection G1/8″ G1/4″ G3/8″ G3/8″ G1/2″ G3/4″ G3/4″ G1″
OFR-..(-A) 750 1400 1600 3100 3400 3400 9000 10000
Standard nominal flow rate  OFR—7-(-A) 900 1500 1700 3400 3900 3900 9500 16000
OFR—-5M-(-A) 650 1200 1350 2400 2500 2500 7300 7600
Primary pressure Manual condensate drain 1-16bar
Automatic condensate drain 1.5-12bar
Working pressure 0.5-12bar/0.5-7bar
Grade of filtration 40μm/5μm
Capacity of condensate fluid 22ml 43ml 80ml
Temperature range 0-60 °C
Materials information Body : Zinc die-casting. Filter bowl and oil bowl: PC.  Metal bowl guard: Aluminium alloy.  Seals: NBR.  Adjusting knob: POM