OU (TWO ELEMENTS) Series FR.L Combination

The OU series consisted of OFR and OL, each unit can be ordered separately. The OF with water separator cleans the compressed air of fluid oil, condensation and dirt, particles.


Service units MINI MIDI MAXI
Manual Drain Working pressure:12bar40pm OU-1/8-MINI OU-1/4-MINI OU-3/8-MINI OU-3/8-MIDI OU-1/2-MIDI OU-3/4-MIDI OU-3/4-MAXI OU-1-MAXI
Working pressure:7bar, 40pm OU-1/8-7-MINI OU-1/4-D-7-MINI OU-3/8-7-MINI OU-3/8-7-MIDI OU-1/2-7-MIDI OU-3/4-7-MIDI OU-3/4-7-MAXI OU-1-7-MAXI
Working pressure:12bar.5pm OU-1/8-5M-MINI OU-1/4-5M-MINI OU-3/8-5M-MINI OU-3/8-5M-MIDI OU-1/2-5M-MIDI OU-3/4-5M-MIDI OU-3/4-5M-MAXI OU-1-5M-MAXI
Manometer 0-12bar OMA-40-16-1/ 8 OMA-50-16-1/ 4
0-7bar OMA-40-10-1/ 8 OMA-50-10-1/ 4
Medium Compressed Air
Features of structure Sintered fl ter with waters par at or; MINI/MIDI:MAXI:Pistonregulator;Diaphragmtyperegulator;Directconstant-densitylubricator
Mounting type Pipe mounting or foot mounting
Assembly position Vertical±5°
Connection G1/8″ G1/4″ G3/8″ G3/8″ G1/2″ G3/4″ G3/4″ G1″
OU-..(-A) 700 1000 1200 2000 2600 2600 7000 8000
Standard nominal flowrate  OU—7-(-A) 800 1300 1500 2500 2800 2800 8500 8700
OU—-5M-(-A) 600 850 1050 1700 1800 2100 6500 7200
Primary Manual condensate drain 1-16bar
Automatic condensate drain 1.5-12bar
Working pressure 0.5-12bar/0.5-7bar
Min.Standard nominal flowrate 3L/min 6L/min 10L/min
Grade of filtration 40m/5m
Capacity of condensate fluid 22ml
Temperature range 0-60
Materials information Body : Zinc die-casting. Filter bowl and oil bowl:PC.  Metal bowl guard: Aluminium alloy.  Seals: NBR.  Adjusting knob: POM